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The Koala and the Porcupine chapter 6
A/N: Sorry for the delay! I've been sick again and for some reason my vision is blurry now. Please forgive eventual mistakes. If you like it, please leave me a review with your thoughts, it's very important *heart*
"I know you don't usually do this, but it's a police matter! Then get me someone who can crack it, you gotta have this password in some system!" He sighs. "Yeah, I'll hold. Thanks," he says, before turning the mic off and putting the phone on loudspeaker. Of course he wasn't gonna sit there, like an idiot, holding a now-mute phone to his ear. Moving over, he jumps onto the couch.
He lets out a groan, shaking his head. "If Moon survives this, I'm gonna kill him."
Laura laughs before joining him on the couch. "Don't you even joke about that," she begins, popping open a couple of buttons in his shirt and beginning to caress the fur that now stuck out. Munro stiffens up, a surprised look on his face. And then, it turns into a smile as he brings her cl
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The Koala and the Porcupine chapter 5
A/N: After two weeks... I RISE! So, first off, I apologize for the delay. I came down with a terrible sinusitis that kept me away from school and away from a pencil and a pen for a week. Then, there's the whole moving situation, that kept me away for another week. Got internet installed at the new place last Thursday. Another thing, terribly sorry for the small chapter. I was just really sick when I wrote this one and was really trying. Still, I hope you enjoy it nonetheless. I have other two chapters written, the other is too long and the third is a normal size. XD Alright, done! Let's get to the story! If you like it, please drop a comment!
The continuous beeping of the heart monitor was now a tad bit too familiar to Ash, after three days staying at the hospital. More familiar than she'd like, actually. On the very first day, it had beeped pretty irregularly. Only now, that it was stabilized, she noticed how irregular it had been. Buster's normal heart frequency was
:iconlu-silveira:Lu-Silveira 3 16
The Koala and the Porcupine chapter 4
A/N: SORRY FOR THE DELAY! Whenever I thought about typing this out, someone or something needed me, and I couldn't type. Plus, I'm moving next Friday. So, my life is a mess right now... anyways, now I will start giving you the day that the chapter's events are occurring. If you like my work, please drop a comment!
Day 2
"Now, blood shouldn't soak right through it. If it does, press the emergency button, right there," a baboon nurse said, pointing to a wall. "But so far, nothing to worry about."
"Except for the fact that... he's in a coma. Right?"
"He's stable, ma'am. He should be fine, but if you wanna be sure, I can get the doctor."
"It won't be necessary." Johnny intervened. "This is, uh, this is... the shock of the entire thing, it was so sudden."
"I understand. Let me know if you need to talk to someone, there are councilors specialized in traumas such as the ones brought by this."
"If we need to, I'll let you know. Thanks, Ms..." the gorilla squinted his ey
:iconlu-silveira:Lu-Silveira 5 15
The Koala and the Porcupine chapter 3
A/N: I apologize for not bringing this chapter yesterday. Had a hard time in school that brought me a terrible headache. But you beauts understand it, right? *heart* Alright, according to the number of chapters, this story should be completed in 20 days. If everything goes well. If you like my work, please leave me a comment with your thoughts! Now let's get to the story!
The half-shut blinds allowed little to no light through them, but from the faint rays that entered the room, Ash could tell it was past midday. She opened her eyes slowly, letting her surroundings sink in. A hospital room.
Well, crap, it hadn't been a bad dream.
One of her hands was resting on Buster's bandaged chest whilst the other was serving as a pillow to herself. Sometime in the night, she had climbed onto the hospital bed and rested down by his side. Her eyes fell to his bandages. There was some blood staining it.
"Morning, babe..," she said, gently kissing his cheek.
"Morning!" A voice replied
:iconlu-silveira:Lu-Silveira 5 10
The Koala and the Porcupine chapter 2
A/N: I still don't know how I did it. Seriously. A chapter in a day?! Me?! The same author who took 2 weeks to write the last chapter of Story Not Told?! Who would've thought! I'll try to give you all a chapter a day, yet, please understand if I don't. School is something heavy to bear. Also, thanks for all the comments! Let's get to the story, and I hope you all like chapter two of The Koala and the Porcupine! If you like it, please leave me a comment with your thoughts, it's very important and keeps me going! ;)
The flight had been quite pleasant, and definitely, it wasn't the type of flight Ash was used to. First, it wasn't a commercial flight. It was on some producer's private jet, and she got to spend the entire flight talking to the other amateur musicians who performed that night along with her. Secondly, she hardly ever got in a plane. She can vaguely remember one time that she and her parents flew to Ohio. And third, it was just so much fun.
She had been in dr
:iconlu-silveira:Lu-Silveira 4 22
The Koala and the Porcupine chapter 1
A/N: Took us long but here it is! Story Not Told's sequel is finally up! This follows both SNT and The Best Valentine's Day. Now, I apologize for the preface. I just want to remind you all of what happened, since it has been such a long time, and since I convinced myself many of you could've forgotten where we left Story Not Told. XD anyways here is a quick preface and stick along for the ride! Many emotions to come! If you haven't read Story Not Told, I advise you to read it first. Just click my name ^^
In Story Not Told, we learned how Buster and Ash's relationship began, along with the battles they fought with both their pasts and themselves. Besides being shown this main arch, we had a few minor stories going on. Such as Ash's parents longing to see their daughter again and Buster's ex-(cheating) girlfriend Laura looking forward to apologizing, going past Buster's struggles against his feelings for Ash, and the latter finding her old
:iconlu-silveira:Lu-Silveira 5 12
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Story Not Told, a Sing fanfiction - chap 17
A/N: It took me two weeks to write this chapter. No joke. And today, I wish to tell you a story before the story. It is about the day I arrived home after having a particularly bad day, and saw Story Not Told had reached 102 reviews, that have now become 112. And you guys have no idea how much that means to me. Thank you all so much. I'm seriously crying while I write this, I didn't expect this story'd get so popular. Every single of your compliments is stored in my heart, and thank you all for them.
Chapter is dedicated to my good friend Luka, because without him I would've never finished this.
Enjoy the final chapter of Story Not Told!
"Bad boy really isn't your style."
"I just wanted to tease him, love." Ash laughed. "I didn't know you had to turn the doorknob thrice for it to open."
"I never thought I'd see you trying to be badass."
"You should've seen when I paid him a visit at the Cove. I literally gathered all my badass to teach him a lesson." Buster popped a can open, and hande
:iconlu-silveira:Lu-Silveira 8 18
First one to the left by Lu-Silveira First one to the left :iconlu-silveira:Lu-Silveira 0 55
Story Not Told, a Sing fanfiction- chap 16
Buster leaned against the curtains, facing Laura. Damn. Neither of them had changed much, they figured. Buster was still the theatre-crazed sweet fella and Laura was still the seemingly gentle gal that could actually kick your ass. Buster laughed a little to himself. The opposite of Ash...
"What?" He shook his head.
"Nothing. Just funny seeing you after all these years. We could be complete strangers."
Laura shot him a playful smirk. "If we hadn't kissed in the back of your dad's car wash, maybe. Also, I'm sorry about him... You doing okay?"
"Getting there. I miss him. But what do you want to tell me?"
"First off, I'm sorry for... What happened. I was young and dumb, and I'm sorry I broke your heart."
"And secondly..?" He was shifting awkwardly.
"Secondly, I wanted to know if maybe we could... try again." She moved slightly closer to him. He moved away.
"It amazes me how you haven't found anyone in so many years. But uh... I'm kinda seeing someone."
"Oh yeah? Who's the lucky gir
:iconlu-silveira:Lu-Silveira 8 9
Story Not Told, a Sing fanfiction - chap 15
A/N: HEEEEY, IN SEVEN DAYS I HAD TIME TO WRITE A LOT! :D Quicky quick update, longer chapter, as you like. Answering questions again, since I haven't done this on the previous chapter because I forgot:
"Ugh. She's not even that good." Becky stated, turning the TV off and tossing the remote onto the couch. Lance, who was watching her with mouth agape, shook his head.
"Yeah, totally." He laughed. The girl left the room. Going over, he quickly grabbed the remote and turned the TV back on. Hell, Ash was rocking the crowd out! If only he was still with her, he'd be famous now. Soon his expression turned somber. If he had just hidden Becky for a few more days... "What have I done? A chance wasted!" He smacked the couch.
"Babe? Who you're talking to?"
"Uh... No one babes! Listen, I'm gonna grab us some food, be right back!" With that, he took off the hall, directed to his former girlfriend's place.
On the good side of town, two porcupines watched the live show, and couldn't believe their eyes
:iconlu-silveira:Lu-Silveira 7 8
Story not Told, a Sing fanfiction - chap 14
Hey there, followers of Story Not Told! I'm sorry for leaving you update-less for so many days, thing is, I am on vacation and internet signal here SUCKS! This chapter is a bit short, it has a little romance, I have more but I wanted to end this chapter where I ended it. Tomorrow, or the day after that, I'll have another chapter up. Thanks for your review! ;)
Buster stopped to admire the progress they had made. The main arch was up in all its glory, the theatre's signature moon had been put back together and was now waiting to be positioned in its spot. Meena and Eddie were adjusting the theatre's light system while some competitors trained. Running short of time, there was always someone practicing while the rest helped in the construction. He stopped in his tracks. Huh. There was something missing. Going backstage, he grabbed the portrait of the theatre's inauguration, and hanged it on the wall.
"Perfect." The frame was broken, but he couldn't care less. One problem at a time. Not lo
:iconlu-silveira:Lu-Silveira 7 14
Story Not Told, a Sing fanfiction- chap 13
A/N: 50 REVIEWS?! OH MY GOD! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! Answering questions again…
Guest: Maybe? I don't know… Do you guys want a sequel? I'm open to suggestions!
"Pick up!" Ash was starting to get worried. According to Miss Crawly, Buster was not doing okay after the whole theatre collapse, and the fact all papers in town were talking about him didn't help. And now, he wasn't answering her calls. In front of her, Tara laid out fresh orange juice and pancakes.
"Dude, chill. If he's like that old lady said, he's still sleeping now, and that's good."
"Buster doesn't sleep in, Tara. I've never seen someone so energetic."
"Maybe he's busy, then." Ash tossed her phone to the coffee table. "At what time she told you to be there?"
"An hour from now." She rested back, rubbing her forehead.
"There we go, see? Just another hour until you see how good he's doing." The other girl looked at her with a disbelieving look. "Or not! The guy might as well be a wreck. I'm just saying you shouldn'
:iconlu-silveira:Lu-Silveira 6 14
Story Not Told, a Sing fanfiction- chap 12
"No! I mean... Yes, he's in there and not coming out. I've tried that! That also. You're what? No, not today. At least let the guy get a good night of sleep before that. Knowing him, he'll be up first thing in the morning. Okay. Go ahead, I'll just... Keep trying. Thanks." Eddie was whispering into the speaker, then turning his attention to the door in front of him. "Buster, you can't hide in there forever!" He knocked for the, he figured, billionth time. "Open up!" He could make out soft cries and sobs on the other side. The knob turned to reveal the theatre owner. Buster was a mess, and felt like such. Sniffing, he looked up at the much taller sheep.
"I ordered pizza."
"I'm not hungry, Eddie." He forced himself to smile at his friend. It was not his fault he had destroyed the theatre and was now headline news, right? "But thanks."
"Okay, forget the pizza. Wanna play something?"
"Nah, I'm good… I think I'm gonna call it a day." He rested down on an inflatable bed, and loo
:iconlu-silveira:Lu-Silveira 7 10
Story Not Told, a Sing fanfiction- chap 11
A/N: I made the chapter extra-sweet for all of you romantics out there. There is drama, there is romance! *dramatic music* Hope you enjoy the 11th chapter of Story Not Told! Longest chapter so far.
Ash went over the broken ceramic and plaster pieces trying to find her guitar case. There was no way in hell she was going to use that dress for another second, the competition being called off so suddenly. Finally grabbing the case, she inspected it. Minor scratches around the thick oak wood around it, but at least her clothes were not ripped and somewhat dry. She looked back. Buster was still where his beloved theatre used to be.
She directed herself to one of the stores nearby to get changed. Upon her return, the koala's doddering assistant had left, and he was looking for something in the middle of the debris.
"Want help?" His ears perked up, but he didn't turn to face her. Kneeling down, she started going over many broken items with him. "What are we looking for?"
"What are
:iconlu-silveira:Lu-Silveira 6 10


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